An engaging and intuitive solution 

CCUBE delivers for the first time, a comprehensive, scalable, client oriented wealth management platform. 

Explore financial needs, define objectives, receive guidance, implement and monitor with unimagined ease. Intuitive and flexible, it delivers tangible business benefits by reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving client communication. 



CCUBE fills the gap between current solutions and changing market needs. The sophisticated simplicity of CCUBE, incorporating breakthrough technology, seamlessly integrates all financial planning tasks in a way previously impossible. Smart and engaging functionality frees up time to focus on what you do best - helping your clients achieve their financial goals. Read more about the benefits that CCUBE can deliver to you, or contact us for a demonstration.


No existing software gives you the flexibility to select and integrate the right modules that suit your business and client needs. No existing software delivers the customisation now possible with the CCUBE modules. See only the data you want to see. Experience quantum improvements in efficiency, productivity and profitability. Read more about the modules that CCUBE offers, or contact us for a demonstration.