Our modules are structured to be
flexible and simple

Users and modules can be scaled up or down on an as needed basis. We believe that you deserve flexibility and we back ourselves to deliver value to you – so we never lock you in to a long term contract.

Cost is per user per month in AUD and excludes GST

Have your considered your total cost of software ownership?

In addition to the productivity and efficient benefits that financial planners experience when utilising CCUBE, there are significant other cost savings that need to be taken into consideration when considering a software provider. Several of the high cost items that are often overlooked when comparing the cost of financial planning software or considering a change of provider include:


Included in the monthly price is a set of ready to use tools in an out-of-the-box advice framework. These include workflows, document/email/SMS/file-note templates and text samples. From the time you commit to CCUBE, we will deliver you a branded, ready to use solution within 1 week and empower your team to make further customisations.

Data Conversion

Many providers charge significant fees for migrating data to their platforms. We offer this service to our clients at zero cost.


Rather than paying for long training sessions that you soon forget, CCUBE delivers you ‘just-in-time’ video training via our web-based Training Academy – and we pay you for completing the training!

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