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CCUBE is designed to be your technology partner, placing your clients at the centre of everything that you do.
CCUBE is helping advisers and licensees achieve critical business goals. Gain material reductions in total cost of ownership.
Enjoy new levels of operational agility. Improve compliance efficiency. Achieve new levels of client engagement.

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Manage risk and compliance

Comprehensive record keeping, inherent controls and transparency improve oversight and allow a licensee and adviser to meet increasingly onerous obligations. Practice level and Dealer level reporting enables business owners and managers to get comprehensive and timely view of the critical activities and audit trails within their business. Advanced search capability allows quick status checks of items such as Service Package delivery and Fee Disclosure Statement obligations. Artificial Intelligence transcribes voice recordings of client meetings or phone calls to text and stores them as client file notes so that there are no black holes in your client records.

CCUBE Manage risk and compliance
CCUBE drive operational efficiency

Drive operational efficiency

Powerful, yet simple drag and drop advice document functionality allows you to deal with information once and once only. No more double or triple data entry. The provision of tailored, best-interest advice doesn’t need to be a time consuming, template driven exercise. The tools to efficiently and compliantly deliver personal financial advice are a part of the CCUBE software today. With the ability to quickly and efficiently turn your business practices into trackable and reportable workflows, understanding bottlenecks and monitoring and improving your business processes is as simple as it is logical.

Improve adviser productivity

Building a future advice business in a fee-for-service, best-interest environment requires a technology suite that supports efficiency, productivity and importantly client centricity. Spending less time on administrative tasks through the use of CCUBE’s intelligent advice wizard that is integrated to our CRM and research (risk, super and investment) capabilities means that you have more time to spend servicing your clients.

CCUBE Improve adviser productivity
CCUBE enhance client connectivity

Enhance client connectivity

Businesses today need to be where their clients are. Having a system that allows you to communicate with your clients by phone, SMS, email or push information to a tailored client web portal means that you have the flexibility to meet your clients’ expectations with regard to information delivery. Any device anywhere.