The first end to end, integrated wealth management platform

With CCUBE, you finally have the freedom to do business your way.

Work with clients remotely.

Choose the degree of autonomy you want to give clients.

Spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks.

Get more time to build business, more time to build relationships.

Flexible advisers, meet your flexible new software solutions

Developed by technology and advice experts to enhance business agility and future proof your business.

Experience quantum improvements in efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Manage risk and compliance

Real time risk and compliance monitoring.

Advanced search capability.

Intelligent permissions and hierarchy.

Conduct desktop audits.

Best of breed security and scalability.

Drive operational efficiency

Powerful, yet simple drag and drop SoA functionality.

Streamlined workflow management and data feed processing.

Reduced support and training costs.

Infinite scalability.

Improve adviser productivity

Intelligent advice wizard revolutionises SoA and compliance delivery.

3-click simplicity to multitask client projects.

Streamlined yet strengthened modelling and document generation.

Spend more time with clients and less on paperwork.

Enhance client connectivity

Connect with your clients in engaging and innovative ways.

Improve data collection and information delivery.

Secure client portal.

Video collaboration & online document signing.

Engaging tools & calculators.

Any device anywhere.