Some people are natural organisers. Everything they file is done with logic. They know where everything is. They can somehow access documents instantly.

For the rest of us, there’s CCUBE’s File Management. It’s everything that a good filing system should be.

It’s simple. You can find any document or file with just a couple of clicks.

It’s flexible. You can filter your results by user, and/or by date range.

It’s accessible. Search by individual client to quickly access every relevant document that you might need for an upcoming meeting.

It’s updatable. Open any document to view the details, edit if desired, and save.

It’s comprehensive. See all related entities in a single view.

It takes away the stress, and brings order, to client audits.

File Management gives you an unprecedented ability to organise and access any of your client documents and files, simply, easily, quickly.

To see CCUBE’s File Management function in action, watch this short video:

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