Now more than ever, adviser fees are being scrutinised by regulators and clients alike. So, how do you ensure your fees stand up to scrutiny? Keeping track of services promised, agreed fees and key due dates has never been more critical than it is today. Scrupulous FDS reporting is essential to every financial advice practice. One of the key objectives we set when designing CCUBE was to give advisers every tool necessary to easily generate an FDS. So, these are the capabilities we built into the CCUBE platform:

  • Upload and map the agreed fee for each client
  • Record the services agreed with each client
  • Bundle those services
  • Check service status
  • Set alerts for service due dates
  • Set future FDS dates
  • Generate FDS letters in bulk

More than a means to fulfil your compliance obligations. CCUBE’s FDS functions are a boon to efficient practice management.

We have created a number of short courses that demonstrate CCUBE’s FDS features in practice. Start with this overview video:

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