Embracing new media

We live in a world where you pay for your morning coffee with your smart watch, travel by driverless cars and Instagram Influencers are the new BDMs. What and how do you communicate and work with a client base as diverse as the multitude of media channels available to connect and help you stand out in the crowded?

Often it is easier to revert to what we know, and hope for the best.

But is this the right option?

You have an audience that needs your services, but they don’t know you exist. If they know you exist, they don’t know what makes you better or different or more appropriate than all of the other advisers out there.

So, let look at how to connect with your audience.

You have a website, your business’s digital shop window. Great. Research shows prospects are turned off businesses without websites.

But is a website enough? How does your audience find your website? How do you market yourself in an industry that is flooded with competitors? How do you stand out?

We are bombarded with messages. It’s estimated that each of us is exposed to 10,000 brand messages a day. If you Google ‘financial advice Australia’, for example, you’ll get 43 million results in 0.75 seconds. So, how can you stand out amongst these 43 million results?

The following 6 tips may just help.

Don’t underestimate your audience

I often see advisers shy away from technology because they believe their clients aren’t savvy enough to embrace technology. “They barely know how to use their mobile phone”, I hear. Yet, most of those clients will be communicating with their children and grandchildren via Messenger and Instagram, managing their finances via Internet banking and I can guarantee you that most know how to use online shopping.

Add value

If you give your audience useful advice, they will come to trust your expertise. So, what can you do to add value?

You have a LinkedIn profile. Maybe you have a LinkedIn company page. Ensure your profile is up to date. Start adding some quality articles, identify hot topics or pain points and write an opinion piece about them.

Match the medium to the message

And match it to your audience. Some people like to read articles. Others prefer to watch a video. Invest in some quality informative videos about the services you offer, if you know how to use YouTube, you are halfway there.

Do you have a Twitter account? Twitter is an easy way to add value. When you find a valuable article or video, share it via Twitter with appropriate hashtags so it will be found.

What about Instagram? Do you think it’s just for travel pics? What are your clients saving for? Travel? Beachside retirement? There’s an opportunity for you.

And that is just touching the surface of endless media opportunities. Let’s not forget email, SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Personal connections, but not in person

Home visits and glossy brochures may be a thing of the past. Your clients don’t have the time. You don’t have the time. 

However, the concept of offering personalised service and keeping your clients informed hasn’t changed. If anything, it is becoming a point of difference for a lot of companies. But you just need to find an appropriate delivery mechanism. And this is what today’s technology makes possible.

There is a wealth of apps, tools, programs, channels and forums available to help you.

But before you sign up for more accounts, download more apps, subscribe to more software, ask if you can achieve much of this via a single source.

One corner-stone business platform

Look around for a corner-stone business management platform that gives you the ability to service your clients through multiple channels. They exist. They have many built-in features that give you the flexibility to communicate with every client in the way that best suits you both.

Schedule bulk emails. Write and despatch monthly newsletters. Conduct a video conference, or a one-on-one video call. SMS messages are great for reminders or a call to action across a large audience. Once set up, these tools can make your life a breeze.

Look for a platform that integrates a client-portal where your clients have access to personalised information, where they can interact with you and exchange documents. Capturing the client in one forum will help build trust and it means they don’t have to access a variety of websites to obtain information if it is available in one spot.

Start small and see what works. Ask your clients what is beneficial to them.

And don’t forget to show your website some love. A good informative website can’t be underestimated as a driving force for new and existing clients. The best are designed with a blend of visual, audio and graphs.

Finally, and most importantly:

Stay true to you

Stay true to how you like to interact with your clients and keep your messaging authentic and consistent in-line with your personal brand. Adopt technology that empowers you and your clients to stay connected and is beneficial to you both. It doesn’t have to be expensive or require a marketing department. It just needs to resonate with you and your business.

To learn how to use CCUBE to communicate with your clients, why not book a demonstration? Click here.