Now more than ever, adviser fees are being scrutinised by regulators and clients alike. So, how do you ensure your fees stand up to scrutiny?

How do you efficiently manage the services you provide? Ensure they align with the advice agreed and provided? And ensure you’re properly compensated for those services?

Imagine being able to check the status of services, across all clients, reconcile those services, create a revenue report and still make money?

Imagine no more. These capabilities are built into CCUBE, giving you the flexibility to build and combine services into packages, with recorded fixed or expected costs.

The Service Status screen details assigned, due, overdue and completed services and any cost associated.

Manage service delivery with bulk actions that allow you to send reports, schedule SMS messages and email newsletters.

Reconcile a list of services aligned to the agreed fee against the revenue report, providing clarity and transparency to you and the client.  

The CCUBE Service Packages help you stay compliant, manage service delivery and business cash flow with greater visibility.

See CCUBE’s Service Packages in action:

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