Wouldn’t it be helpful to practice management if you could quickly check the status of any milestone for any task and any client?

If you’re running your practice on popular advice programs, you’ll be in for a shock the first time you experience CCUBE.

Let’s start with configuring and customising the software. You’ll be accustomed to software that came to you as a blank canvas. You needed to devote significant time to creating your own Fact Finds, Statements of Advice, Records of Advice, and Fee Disclosure Statements.

Not just time, but also money. Configuration may have required engaging external developers, designers or implementation consultants. Many practices spend tens of thousands of dollars and months configuring software before they can use it.   

So, here’s the first shock as a new CCUBE user. Within a week of committing to CCUBE, you will have a branded solution ready to go.

CCUBE includes a host of templates out of the box – workflows, user reports, tables, charts, templates for file notes, documents, emails, SMSes and service packages.

There’s no blank canvas here. No down time. No third parties required. This is everything that today’s adviser needs, pre-installed.

If fear of configuring new software has been holding you back, fear no more.

See CCUBE in action:

To book a demonstration, please call us on 1300 422 823 or email hello@ccube.com.au.