It’s 6 months since you switched your team to some whizbang new software. It’s up and running, it’s fully implemented, the team is fully trained. Now you’re waiting to experience the promised business transformation. And waiting. And waiting. And what have you got?

Business. As. Usual.

You can’t believe it. The team’s working just as hard and just as many hours.

They still complain about limitations with the software. But this time it is the NEW software, and how much easier it was to navigate and work in the old system.

And they are still using manual processes that your new solution was supposed to eliminate.

Your shoulders slouch, you hang your head and walk despondently back to your desk.

So much for the efficiency gains you were promised.

6 months in and it is business as usual. This isn’t the new world you were promised.

You contemplate migrating back to the old system. At least it will keep your staff happy. Or will it?

Maybe it was the wrong move, despite the research you did, the due diligence you carried out.

The system clearly has flaws and you were sold a dream that doesn’t exist.

What a waste of time and money.

Sound familiar?

We have all been there, probably more times that we would like to remember.

Before you jump in and make yet another change, go back and review the reasons why you chose your software. This software that your team is going to love using. The efficiencies it is going to deliver. The reasons you made the move.

Review Expectations

No new system will deliver a Return on Investment within the first six months. Sometimes, not even in the first year. However, you should be seeing significant efficiency gains – if all its capabilities are being fully utilised.  Are you?

Review Functionality

Statistically, it is widely accepted that less than 10% of any software features are actively and correctly used.

Is the team aware of all the capabilities and functionalities available? Are they being used?

Ask for a health check

No, not from your doctor, from your provider.

A health check will give you quantitative and qualitative data on how the system is being used. It will identify the features being used, and more importantly, the areas not being used. It will show statistics on usage, and outline the training undertaken by your team. The webinars your team has attended.

This will provide you with quality data to help you assess and compare the reasons for adopting the new software solution. Helping you to be better prepared to make an informed decision

Talk to your staff

The earlier, the better. Understand what their concerns are, what roadblocks or challenges they are facing with your new system.

Ask them if they feel they have had the right training? Or if there were gaps in the training. Do they feel they have had sufficient time to learn the software? Or do they need more time and if so, on what areas?

Reconcile the health check with team feedback

Reconcile the health check data with the feedback from your team. This will help you identify the possible gaps in the software, as well as how your team is using it.

Make a list of the areas where there may be gaps in both the software and the training then arrange a meeting with the provider to talk through the concerns you and your team have.

Ask them to demonstrate how the system can alleviate the concerns or issues your team is experiencing. It may be beneficial to include the team in this session.

Check update support

Software providers consistently update and enhance their offerings in line with legislation, or to keep ahead of the market trends and competitors. This can lead to ongoing adjustments for your staff and your processes, which can become very daunting, especially when they are still adapting and learning the new system.

A good software provider will offer perpetual support to help their users stay abreast of the changes and transition to new and improved processes and features.

Ensure your team has the support and time to invest in these sessions.

These six steps should provide the clarity you need to make that next software update the success you were promised.

Changing software only works when you can change ingrained habits. The best software comes with everything you need to help your team transition from the old to the new.

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