There’s a myriad of project management tools out there. To be honest, we have been underwhelmed by most of them.

That’s why we determined that CCUBE would include workflows that are intuitive, simple and flexible, easy to set up and a breeze to follow.

When you first start using CCUBE, you’ll find that all standard workflows are included, ready to view, download, copy, edit and customise.

Simply assign to a client, select a team, add a start and due date, and the CCUBE system will generate the first task.

Teams can work through activities, select options, make decisions, and reach milestones that follow company processes and requirements to complete each job.

Every allocated team member is guided through specific tasks, actions and checklists, from the start to the end point.

The result is a workflow that flows, with much less work.

To see CCUBE’s Workflows in action, watch this short video: