This year’s Shitbox Rally started on May 8 and will see over 250 teams from all over Australia drive cars worth <$1000 from Perth to Sydney to raise funds for cancer research. The rally takes approximately 10 days as the teams brave the outback, visiting some of the most remote towns in Australia. Whilst the adventure will be challenging, the challenges are insignificant compared to those faced by many amongst us; our family, friends and colleagues facing the battle of dealing with cancer. The unfortunate truth is that many people will be affected and the aim of both the Shitbox Rally (and sister event, Mystery Box Rally) is to raise awareness and money which goes towards valuable research into finding cures and eventually eradication. Teams are often asked what inspired them to become involved in the rallies, and whilst personal loss and frustration are common motivators, there are always success stories. The ongoing breakthrough in research inspires the teams, year in and year out, to raise funds and to stay involved.

This will be David’s 5th Box Rally, and he has raised over $80K with his various co-drivers; Toby Read (2 x Mystery Box Rallies), Jason Parry (1 x MBR) and most recently with Tony Jackson, which saw the two of them being honoured and proudly receiving the Golden Challis for raising the most funds by a single team in MBR history!

The Rallies were founded by James Freeman after he lost both his parents to cancer, 12 months apart. He was looking for a project to get him through the darkest period of his life and spent months working out how to raise funds for cancer research while still having a challenging, exciting and fun time.

The rallies revolve around 10 key principals.

  • Celebrate Life
  • Honour those lost
  • Support others
  • Be selfless
  • Be generous
  • Be inclusive
  • Get involve
  • Watch out for each other
  • Have fun
  • Become part of a rally family

Visit the link below to read up on the SBR and the benefits it provides to the Cancer Council by raising over $16,000,000 in the last 10 years.

The Rally site: