A.I driven conversion of audio/video to client file-notes, conversation sentiment analysis, keyword validation and action identification will reduce the time and cost of providing quality, compliance advice.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and automation have a critical role to play in assisting dealer groups and financial planners to overcome the increasing time and dollar cost of providing quality, compliant advice.

The increasing compliance burden placed on advice businesses was highlighted by BT Financial Group CEO Brad Cooper in his recent SMSFA National Conference address:

“The big issue for us is that the burden of proof falls on the adviser and the importance now of documentation and recordkeeping is clear, It’s not just SoAs, it’s records of phone conversations and a whole range of things.”
In response, CCUBE has introduced Artificial Intelligence capability to its’ comprehensive advice platform.

Leveraging one of the world’s leading A.I. engines and machine learning, CCUBE users can now automictically convert audio and video files into text, ensuring a full record of a meeting or conversation is available for audit and compliance purposes. Simply upload the file to the client record and a transcription, including voice identification and attribution will be saved as a file note.

This is an important step toward addressing the legitimate concerns of licensees (and regulators), as CCUBE CEO, Nathan MacPhee added “CCUBE firmly believe that technology should be an enabler, not an inhibitor and this is simply another step in CCUBE’s quest to help advisers strengthen and evolve their businesses.”

Future enhancements to this feature will see the introduction of conversation sentiment analysis, key word and statement validation and task/action identification.


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