The ability to meet increasingly onerous reporting and compliance obligations has been dramatically improved following the launch of CCUBE Integrated Wealth. The first enterprise grade, comprehensive advice solution to launch in a generation, CCUBE enables licensees and advisers to respond to the numerous challenges facing the financial advice industry and importantly, to capture the opportunities of change.

With the Royal Commission recommendations calling for greater levels of service and fee transparency, CCUBE provides immediate relief through efficient and effective FDS processing, service reconciliation and importantly, a means to meet the likely future service attestation required of customers.

CCUBE CEO Nathan MacPhee noted “Today’s adviser is under regulatory scrutiny that was unimaginable a decade ago. Reporting and compliance are onerous. Margins & time are under material pressure. Meanwhile, technology gives clients expectations of immediate, transparent and two-way availability of information.”

The designers of incumbent software couldn’t have imagined what life would be like for the adviser today. CCUBE isn’t legacy software brought up to date. It’s the result of a bottom-up rethink on what would make an adviser’s life easier.

Nathan explains the design brief for the new software: “Our goals were simple. How can we uncomplicate advisers’ lives and help them transition their business and advice models to one that thrives in a fee-for-service, best interest world? By reducing the time spent on functional tasks, we freed up time to devote to business development and client interactions.”

CCUBE provides a breadth of functionality that extends across CRM, workflow, advice strategies, projections, client portal, data feeds and portfolio reporting. Built on a highly configurable platform and emphasising drop and drag capability, CCUBE empowers firms of all persuasion to reduce costs, improve productivity, engage more actively with clients and leverage best of breed solutions.

Savvy advisers have known – or maybe hoped – that there has to be an easier, better way. CCUBE Integrated Wealth just might be the answer.